Ban on junk food adverts before 9pm!!

So I was watching Good Morning Britain this morning whilst tucking into my delicious breakfast of Rye Bread, peanut butter and banana (Yummy).  I am not a massive fan of watching anything news related as although it is important to know what is going on in the world, I find the whole thing utterly depressing!  But I was very happy to hear that there will be a ban on junk food adverts before 9pm (Yeyyy).  I have never understood why the government has allowed for junk food to be advertised, why?? Why feed the greed (literally) of these big global chains whilst they are slowly killing our population and the NHS budget with illnesses related directly to obesity.  And, what a fantastic idea it is to advertise fast food chains just as the children step in the front door (said nobody health conscious… ever).  Let’s make it look super cool by advertising toys inside these meals with the latest superhero blockbuster and making them beg mummy or daddy for them to make the parent feel super guilty if they say “no”.  Okay, I might sound like a serious crank (maybe I am) but I do not like greedy companies spoon-feeding junk to the nation, yet it’s very likely they live off the most expensive and best farmed products.  I often think to myself “would they even eat from their own restaurants” hmmm I think not.  Some may say “Oh, they advertise fruit now in their meal deals”, of course they do and what child would choose fruit over chips (not many).

I am not saying you should not give your child junk food or making any sort of judgement on what others do, I eat junk food occasionally myself.  Who am I to judge anybody!! My point is I am delighted to see the advertising being banned before 9pm.  I would love to see more advertising of healthy, whole foods before this time, how fantastic would that be!  More advertising of home baking, like it used to be and getting the children involved.  I am not a mother and I can hear people now “I don’t have time for that”.  How nice would it be to bake together with your child and make some lovely memories together.  I remember baking with my nan when I was young and those memories will live with me forever…..I always had a passion for baking.  Everyday there are discussions about how we as a nation eat too much sugar…. well stop advertising it then!! I bake healthy treats at least once a week and once you are in the habit they take minutes to prepare and I prefer to do this rather than watch TV.  Keep an eye out for healthy recipes in my blog!!

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