Tips on how to manage your time better.

We have all been in a place were we are attempt to juggle a million and one things at once and quite frankly feel like we are doing a useless job at everything. I used to be one of those people who would stress about the next thing on the agenda before it had even completed one of single tasks.  I would constantly worry about how I would fit everything in, I would procrastinate for so long that by the time I would start the task I really would have so little time I would get nothing ticked off the to do list.  Around this time I was completing a psychology degree and working a full-time job so it was a difficult time for me, hands down.  Although what I wasn’t doing was using my brain in the most useful way, instead I was mindlessly worrying and using what energy I had left (very little) to work my butt off.  It doesn’t work!! The brain only has a limited amount of capacity to hold information and for it to be of use to us (the psychologist coming out in me), there is a reason why professionals tell us to study for no longer than 45 minutes at a time.  So, if we are using this much time worrying, we are obviously using our precious resources on something that will not be helping us in any way, in fact quite the contrary as it makes us more stressed.  Since I have completed a counselling module as part of my Psychology degree I have learnt a few ways to manage my time better to feel less stressed.

Write a list (not a mental one), a physical list.

How many times do we lay in bed and come up with a mental list “Tomorrow I have to clean the house, go the gym, make a shopping list before 9am, eat a hearty breakfast (more like throw a protein shake down my gob) to go food shopping, aghhh”, you have already stressed yourself out before the day has come. There is something so fulfilling about ticking things off your to do list and it has been proven to mentally make us feel like we have accomplished something in the day, bonus!! Also once it is on paper there is no need to worry about remembering what you need to REMEMBER (also another mental torture game we like to play). Another tip is to prioritise it in order of urgency so whatever is the most important stick that right at the top.

Do not try to complete a thousand tasks at any one time together.

Right, hands up who’s guilty…. Meeeeee!! Nothing useful comes from trying to bake healthy treats, make a totally different batch of clean treats, whilst having the hob on for cooking dinner and trying to polish the house in between (believe me).  You end up with burnt cakes, water overflowing into the gas hob switching it off, leaving stains in places due to lack of polishing time and making a right old mess of the kitchen for no benefit!  Stick to one thing at a time and that way you will make a better job of it first time round.

STOP procrastinating, seriously get up and start it now (well after reading this)

Stop delaying what you have to do and just make a start on it now!! Make a start on one thing off your list and you are half way to finishing it and I bet you feel great just by making a start on it. Put the less important tasks to the side (which we often use to distract ourselves) and make a start on the most important thing on your list.

Give yourself a break.

If you can’t get everything done by the time you want it to, it will be okay, the world will still go around like it usually does. We were not built to be robots who are able to do a hundred things in one day and that’s okay.  Don’t be so hard on yourself, there is always tomorrow, just enjoy life!!

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